Che Prasad is a multi-instrumentalist singer songwriter who draws upon sources of inspiration ranging from folk rock to sea shanties to flamenco to North Indian classical music. His first solo CD entitled “Shiva Me Timbers”, produced by his brother Mikie Lee Prasad, showcases the instruments he loves, musicians he admires, and stories from his life that he has been waiting to tell.

A musician and physician, Che has a unique perspective that he brings to his songs. His training as a Pathologist has sharpened his ability to observe the details of life and examine himself and those around him, sometimes as if under a microscope. With a dose of humor, his observations are brought to life in songs about himself, his family, and the characters he has been fortunate enough to cross paths with during his journeys.

Originally inspired to play the guitar by Ace Frehley from KISS, Che has gone on to study songwriting with Ray Davies, guitar with Richard Thompson, sitar with Ali Akbar Khan and flamenco guitar with René Heredia. He is the banjo player known as One Eyed Jack in the Bay Area’s premiere sea shanty band, The Shark Alley Hobos. He has also performed in a series of tribute bands with his brother, Mikie Lee Prasad, including In the Flesh (acoustic Pink Floyd tribute), The Prasad Brothers in Arms (Dire Straits tribute), The Hairy Sons (George Harrison tribute) and Che & Mikie Are the Kinks Preservation Society (Kinks tribute).

Always thoughtful, strangely amusing and occasionally disturbing--Come experience Shiva Me Timbers and delve into the musical world of Che Prasad…


Che plays a Lowden acoustic guitar, Conde Hermanos flamenco guitar, Hiren Roy sitar, Wildwood banjo, Kamaka ukulele and Weltmeister accordion. With his electric guitars, Che uses a Headstrong amplifier, although he has occasionally been know to play his sitar through a Marshall amp when he wants to turn things up to eleven.


2013: Christmastime in the Apocalypse (Holiday CD single)

2013: Shiva Me Timbers (first solo CD)

2011: Played accordion on blues guitarist Steve Gannon’s self titled CD

2010: Played guitar, banjo and sang on sea shanty CD by The Shark Alley Hobos

2008: Played tabla on Bay Area musician Mikie Lee Prasad’s CD entitled Juke Box Folk Tales

2004: Played sitar on Mikie Lee Prasad’s CD entitled Snick-Drawing Skellum