From the recording Shiva Me Timbers

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Afraid of the Sting

Down by Cherry Creek
They heard a shriek
And all started to run
The air came alive
Around the hive
And ruined all your fun

Your childhood gone
You learned early on
To be afraid of the sting

Bitten by a bug
You said it was love
But venom flowed through your veins
Despite her cooked toe,
And hollow soul,
A loyal drone you remained

You tied the knot
But you forgot
To be afraid of the sting

On the run
No part unstung
Take cover my Brother
You got my back
When all’s yellow and black
Take cover my Brother

Now your little girl
Head full of curls
Needs you to be the one
You faced your fears
Chased bees from her hair
When you might have been stung

You guide her through
So she never has to
Be afraid of the sting